Surviving the Intense Heat in Athens With Kids #FamilyVlog

For better or worse, the only time of the year families can really travel are the summer months. Parents get time off from work and the kids are out of school. Everyone loves beautiful weather, but a lot of areas around the world go through intense heatwaves between June and August. This was true when my family visited Athens, Greece on the first leg of our 48-day European adventure this summer. When we landed in Athens a heatwave started in the city. On average the daily temperature was a sweltering 48 degrees. 

Here is a run-down of how we survived our second day in the city with a 6-year-0ld and 15-month-old twins! 

We realized that we forgot Ava’s iPad at home and, after weighing all of our options, we decide that the best course of action is no doubt to by another one.  Afterall, we could also resell it when got home! So our mission for the day: find a place that sells iPads, and at reasonable prices if possible… but is it?

A wave of heat engulfs us as we walk out and we quickly realize that what should be a normal stroll down one of the most popular streets in Athens is going to be a little more intense than expected. No worries, fresh orange juice is ubiquitous at this time of the year in Athens and also makes for the perfect breakfast refreshment! We later wander the streets of Athens in a quest for our iPad, which we managed to find at a store called Public

After, we enjoyed an amazing late lunch consisting of Shrimp Saganaki, a variety of olives, grilled octopus, a variety of traditional Greek dips, an assortment of Olives and lamb kebabs that were spectacular!


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