Dealing With Fussy-Eater Kids While On Vacation

Since I’m in the midst of planning my family getaway, I’ve got to thinking about what my little ones will eat on vacation. We’re visiting some of the most wonderful places in Europe, and the very last thing I want is for them to end up missing out. It’s true that basically, all children can be fussy about food from time to time. That’s why I thought it would be a good idea to make a plan of action.

There’s no way I can stop my kids being a little bit fussy on vacation, but I can plan for just that. When it happens, I know that I will be prepared. Hopefully, with these little ideas, I can make sure that Ava, Ella, and Rose get to try some fantastic food along the way.

Always check the menus in advance

Okay, my first piece of advice is crucial. If you want to avoid a big argument at the table, you need to make sure that you check the menus of restaurants in advance. Personally, I’ve already begun looking at places that are family-friendly ahead of time. Knowing what to expect is key. If you can’t see the kids’ menu, call ahead and ask about it!

Be excited about brand new foods

Your kids will follow what you do. If you’re open and excited about food, your little ones will follow suit. So, here’s the secret: If you want your kids to try new things, you have to introduce them in a fun way. Tell them how great arancini tastes and they might just want to try it too. Give it a go!

Stick to set meal times!

When you’re on vacation, it can be very easy to miss meal times and end up eating whenever you feel like it. While that’s totally fine for adults, it’s not for children. They need to have structure when it comes to their meals, and so you should stick to this at all times.

Use positive reinforcement

Never underestimate the power of positive reinforcement. When your kids try something new, you should reward them. For example, if your little ones are adventurous when it comes to dinner, you could let them have a scoop of gelato for dessert!

Avoid letting your little one’s snack

When you’re vacationing, there’s food everywhere. Your hotel will likely have a bar with a wealth of snacks, not to mention the street food you see when you head out. Beware! Letting your kids snack throughout the day is a big mistake.

If your little ones are already full when they sit down to eat a meal, there’s no way on this planet that they will try new things. Why would they? They are already happy, not hungry, and so there’s nothing you can do to persuade them. Remember this rule and you will never go wrong. Good luck.

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