Ways to Make the Last Month of Pregnancy Easier

Ways to Make the Last Month of Pregnancy Easier

The last month of pregnancy can be crazy – you’re anxious, excited, confused. All these emotions inside you. Some ladies go all the way beyond the due date, but for those who don’t know the last month is tough.

The “waiting game” can get a little bit crazy. You’ll probably feel very uncomfortable and start thinking that Dr. Strange did some voodoo with time and space making it slow down.

The pain increases as the due date grow neigh. It becomes quite impossible to plan out your weeks. Below are some tips that can help you pull through quickly:

  1. Find Something Fun to Do

Being pregnant with the twins was not easy especially in the last month. However, I found something to do during the time to keep myself busy. I took a good book and began to read it through.

Certainly, you got to find something fun to do. Trust me; time seems to move extremely slowly as the pain also increases as you come close to the due date. Even just getting something to do on social media can be a project. Find something easy and fun to do.

  1. Try Some New Recipes

What better time to perfect your skills than when you’re about to give birth? Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to try every single recipe in my recipe book. Of course, trying out recipes that would take more time would be tiring, so I decide to stick to recipes that took a shorter time to prepare.

  1. Enjoy Your “Me-Time.”

The last month of pregnancy is the best month to enjoy your “me-time.” During my pregnancy, I had time to take some long baths and have my prenatal massage. As the days drew nearer, I had more visits to my chiropractor. The massage was fantastic as it helped my whack body come back to shape.

  1. Take a Break

Often we live in a world full of expectations. Well, this is the time to give yourself a break. Things don’t have to “be” the way they’ve been before. I learned this in my last month of pregnancy. Don’t get focused on what you need to get ready and try to fit into that. The last month was nature’s way of preparing me for the road ahead – raising up Rose and Ella.

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