Napping The Twins – Not Always The Easiest Task

Some children are great nappers. Many are not. With twins, the feat of getting two youngsters to sleep can seem impossible. Depending on how old your little ones are, they may need one to three naps per day. Getting this to happen, however, is not always an easy task. Having twins can make this feel doubly difficult. It’s not easy, but these tips could help relieve just a modicum of stress.

Number one: Routine!

The most important part of getting your twins to get their much-needed rest during the day is a routine. I’m sure every parent has heard this over and over, but it’s the truth. These little ones thrive on scheduled activity. I’m not going to say that a set schedule will solve your nap time woes, but I’ve found if I watch for clues, they will tell me when they’re tired. Just pay attention and I bet you’ll notice that they get the yawns about the same time every day.

Number 2: Observe!

I have found a video monitor to be the greatest piece of modern technology available to parents of multiples figuring out a new routine. I never would have guessed how much comfort I have found in knowing what these tiny ladies are up to if they’re not sleeping. Sure, there are some times when I am able to set their groggy little bodies down in their cribs and they just turn over and silently drift off, but this is not the norm.

Many times, when I put the girls down they will cry. This is the hardest part of nap time or bed time. But this is where being a parent of multiples has an advantage. Very commonly, the crying subsides after a few minutes and then they begin their banter. They babble back and forth, stand against their cribs and seem to have full conversations. Sometimes they will carry on for an hour before they give in to sleep, and sometimes they don’t sleep at all. It is wonderful to watch.

I never want to feel like I am leaving them alone for too long, but I always know I’m doing them a disservice if I don’t them a real chance to nap. Getting twins to nap is definitely part art and part science. The only thing I’m sure of is that I put them down together every time. They get their hour and you should too.

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