How to Get Breastmilk For Your Baby

How to Get Breastmilk For Your Baby

We have all heard “Breast is best” but, what if we can’t nurse or provide enough for out baby? What if you adopted or the mother of the child did not make it? Many families face this situation and find themselves wondering how to get breastmilk for your baby when you can’t nurse. The news is there is help!

Check your local Breastmilk Bank

Breastmilk banks usually focus on premature babies but if they have a good steady supply they are usually open to all babies. This milk is pre-screened which is great for piece of mind. Unfortunately, breastmilk in milk banks is pasteurized which destroys some of the amazing properties in the breastmilk.

Talk to friends and family

Nursing friends and family are often willing to help when a baby they love is in need. This is a great way to get milk for your baby that you trust. This can be awkward for some to ask but when it comes to giving your baby the best sometimes you need to speak up. This is a great way to find breastmilk you trust and you may be surprised when you discover someone you know already donated breast milk and is more than happy to help.

Human Milk for Human Babies

Human Milk for Human Babies is an informed milk sharing network. These Social Media networks help connect mothers with more milk than they need with babies in need. Simply post where you are and what you need to receive a great response from caring loving women with milk to spare. Simply share where you are and your story and receive offers from local moms with breast milk to share.

No luck finding free breastmilk? Buy it!

If you find yourself unable to find donated breast milk communities, exist where you can BUY breastmilk for your baby. Check out Only The Breast for a marketplace where nursing mothers list their oversupply. You will find great tips on everything from screening sellers to pasteurizing the breast milk. Much of the cost covers shipping in dry ice.

What do I do after I have the milk?

While getting a hold of breastmilk is the hard part you may find yourself staring at dozens of bags of frozen milk wondering what do I do now? When you thaw breastmilk, it will have a layer of fat. This fat is great for your baby but it can not be shaken into the milk like you may be tempted. Instead gently swirl the milk to mix the fat back into the milk. This milk is perfect for your baby.

What if I can’t get breastmilk for my baby?

Sometimes breast milk is not an option. In this case, mothers are often hit with guilt or depression. Please know that trying means you have done so much for your baby and that formula is not the end of the world for your baby. You are doing great, and your baby is lucky to have such a loving, caring mother.