Celeb Baby Laundry is Heading to ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas


Do you wonder how your favorite parenting blogs and magazines keep up-to-date with the latest products on the market for babies and children? Most likely, they’re attending the ABC Kids Expo, which features the latest children and baby products from around the world each year. 


The ABC Kids Expo was founded in March, 2003, in a partnership of juvenile industry manufacturers and retailers organized for the purpose of promoting the children’s products industry. With nearly 1000 exhibitors utilizing 3,300 booths in nearly one million square feet of exhibit space, it’s currently one of the largest trade shows for retailers and media representatives looking to preview the latest children industry products. Want to discover the newest strollers hitting the market or the next innovative product for new parents? Chances are you will find it at the ABC Kids Expo


This year, I will be attending the expo in Las Vegas, between October 18-21, for Celeb Baby Laundry. Coincidentally, I’m pregnant with twins, so I believe I’m in the perfect ‘form’ to learn about new products! I’m hoping my pregnant feet can hold up and I will survive my first attempt to attend a media event with a bump! I will be live tweeting and sharing photos via Instagram while at the event, so be sure to follow Celeb Baby Laundry on Twitter and Instagram to follow along.  

Visit ABC Kids Expo website to learn more about the show. Don’t forget to also follow the Expo on Twitter, where giveaways are often hosted.