Best Show For Kids At Disneyland

Best Show For Kids At Disneyland

When planning a trip to the happiest place on earth, these bet shows for kids at Disneyland are perfect for spending a few extra hours with the kids. Not only will they be happy to relax and enjoy a show just for them, you’ll be ready for the break from walking and the rides. These offer a great way to share something fun with the kids that you will also enjoy.

Fantasmic: This is a classic show that is found twice an evening on the edge of the Rivers of America area near Frontierland and New Orleans Square. You can use a fast pass for premier viewing areas near the edge of the water, but there are many great places to sit or stand and watch the amazing show of fireworks and lights over the water. It’s a great culmination after a long day in the park.

Electric Parade: With new additions every year, the electric parade is one of the best parts of your evening at Disneyland. Line of for a spot on Main Street to view your favorite characters on floats with tons of great music and lights along the way. Kids will love the recent additions in the last few years that include some of their favorite Disney Pixar characters like Lightning McQueen and Buzz Lightyear. Good spots near the road start filling up early in the evening. As early as 4:30 you will see people parking on Main Street to make sure they don’t miss the parade. This is a time where one parent can hang out with the kids in your viewing spot while the other goes to grab some easy snacks for dinner. Grabbing a spot closer to the entrance leaves you in a great location to be near bathrooms as needed throughout the evening.

Fireworks: The fireworks displays each evening are by far the most famous show for kids at Disneyland. Amazing celebrations best viewed from Main Street or near the entrance to Toontown and Fantasyland. Settle in for a spectacular fireworks show that every kid will be in awe of.  

Bands at Tomorrowland: These vary day to day but can be a fun break from riding rides in the evenings. There is a great location in Tomorrowland right outside the concession areas that often has local and larger bands playing. Modern hits as well as classics. A mini concert is just what your kids need after a long day to relax and get them pumped up for the night ahead.

Fantasy Faire: This is a newer experience in Fantasyland that brings your favorite princesses out more often than not. Head over to see the interactive shows with music, fun interaction with kids and of course chances to meet their favorite characters. Anna and Elsa from Frozen can be seen here on a regular basis. 

These best shows for kids at Disneyland are a great way to keep everyone happy all day long. From finding a place to relax for a few minutes and cool off, to getting your kids closer to their favorite Disney characters this list is a perfect way to spend your day.