10 Tips for Bonding with Your Boy

10 Tips for Bonding with Your Boys

Every parent of a boy knows that boys might be rough and rowdy, but they also have a very sweet side. While it might seem like bonding with your son is difficult at times, it is possible. If you’re a parent of boys, make sure you check out these 10 tips for bonding with your boys.

#1. Make time to bond- Time can go really fast, there’s no doubt about that. It’s important to make time to bond with your boys because of that very reason.

#2. Invest in your children- Investing in your boys means spending time with them, but it also means spending time building them up, when the world is so busy tearing them down.

#3. Hug your boys everyday– Nothing quite says “bonding” like giving your boys a hug each and every day! Boys need hugs just as much as any other person on the planet, don’t be afraid to show your son physical affection in the form of hugs and snuggles.

#4. Talk to your boys- So often people think that boys are all play and no emotion, not true. Your boys need you to talk to them and take time to understand what they are saying. If your kid isn’t much of a talker, you can still listen to what they have to say.

#5. Know your boys strengths- You can bond better with your boys by understanding their strengths as much as possible. Knowing what their strengths are can help you understand how to bond with them even more.

#6. Develop a handshake only you two understand- Spend time learning a handshake that only you two understand. Every time you see each other, complete this hand shake, what an awesome way to bond.

#7. Develop a hobby together- Whether you spend time playing basketball together, playing video game, or even reading together, developing a hobby together is one way to bond with your boy (s).

#8. Let your kid hang out in your space- Boys want to know what you’re up to at work or at play. Let your boys hang out from time to time, so they can gain an understanding and an appreciation of what you do.

#9. Build LEGOs together- Even if you can’t get your hands on a set of LEGOs, you can spend time playing with your sons. Whether you build blocks, LEGOs, or even build airplanes together, you’re spending time bonding.

#10. Make bonding together a daily routine- Spend time every day bonding, no matter what it is you’re doing, do it together! Every day, put time aside to spend this time together. You’ll never get this time back, so make it a priority.

Boys need their moms and dads more than anything in the world. Any time you spend time with them you are choosing to make a lasting bond. You don’t have to spend money on your child to get them to understand you love them. Whenever you’re in doubt about how you can bond with your boys, pull out this list.