How to Host a Frugal St. Patrick’s Day Dinner

How to Host a Frugal St. Patrick’s Day Dinner

St. Patrick’s Day is a wonderful time to feast on traditional Irish foods. If you want to plan a St. Patrick’s Day dinner with your family and friends, take a look below at some helpful tips to help you do just that. Below you will find tips on how to host a frugal St. Patrick’s Day dinner, so you can put on a beautiful feast without breaking the bank. Here is how you can get started!

1. Shop for meat now.
Prices on corned beef tend to fluctuate the closer the holiday is. Start browsing corned beef now so if you find a good price you can buy the cut and freeze it. You can also start talking to your grocery store butcher to see when he advises you grab your cut. He may offer some helpful suggestions.

2. Supplement with potatoes and other frugal veggies.
Potatoes are a traditional Irish food and one of the cheapest on the menu. Create some hearty potato dishes to bulk up your meal for less. Baked potatoes, roasted potatoes, or potatoes chopped and added to your corned beef are all great choices. Carrots and onions are also frugal veggie choices and can be added to the meat dish or roasted on the side.

3. Opt for day old bread.
Head to the day old bread store to find great deals on rye breads and soda bread. You can also try making your own with some very basic ingredients and recipes which can be found online or in cookbooks.

4. Whip up a frugal dessert.
Pistachio pudding is an excellent dessert choice that is sweet and green but doesn’t cost a lot of green. Grab a few boxes for less than $2 each and serve with a little whipped cream.

5. Make your own beverages for just pennies a serving.
You can add a little green food coloring to your Sprite or lemonade for a frugal drink option. Try green colored drink mixes too such as Kool Aid. Add a little lime sherbet or lime slices for an extra punch of flavor and some added color.

6. Try some DIY décor.
Head to the dollar store for a handful of silk green carnations. Arrange them in a vase and set them on your table for a frugal pop of fun.

See how simple it can be to prepare a St. Patrick’s Day dinner for less? Give these tips a try and see how beautiful yet budget friendly your St. Patrick’s Day meal can be.

How to Host a Frugal St. Patrick’s Day Dinner How to Host a Frugal St. Patrick’s Day Dinner