Building Healthy Relationships With Your Teen

Building Healthy Relationships With Your Teen

As a parent, Building Healthy Relationships With Your Teen can be one of the hardest things you will encounter. We all know the stories of the teen years being rocky, but you don’t have to have that. Working on communication with your child and keeping an open heart can make these years some of the bet you have with your child.  We have some great thoughts to share with you on how to make the teen years something to enjoy and not dread. 


Be their parent not their friend. You want your child to consider you their confidant, but you must respect the line between parent and friend  They should be able to share with you, but they also need to know you will discipline and put down the law as needed.  Create an open line of communication while giving them the parent they need to look to for direction. 

Show understanding while enforcing discipline. There will be times when discipline is necessary.  In those instances, show understanding and compassion.  Their actions will warrant discipline, but you must show them you understand their emotions and needs.  Explain to them that discipline is your way of showing them there are consequences for their actions so they will learn in the future. 

Listen to them and their needs. Don’t always jump to conclusions about what they need.  Sometimes what you think and what they truly need are two different things.  Truly listen to them and their needs so you can give them the best.  Some situations will be difficult, but you must listen with compassion.  Encourage what changes you feel are best with understanding for their needs and emotional state, not just what you believe to be best. 

Make your home a safe place for their friends. One of the best things you can do for your relationship with your teen is to create a safe haven for them to hang out with their friends.  Have an open door policy that would give them the freedom to have friends over in your home.  You’ll see what they are doing and with whom, and they won’t feel like they are unable to have friendships. 

Building healthy relationships with your teen involves a lot of understanding and compassion.  You must focus on showing your children they are loved, listened to and cared for.  You don’t have to stop being a parent who enforces the rules.  You simply have to be the one who also listens to their reasons for why they don’t think rules are just.