How to Throw a 1st Birthday on a Budget

How to Throw a 1st Birthday on a Budget

Your baby is turning one, and you want to throw your little one the party of the century. Unfortunately, you may not have the funds for a full day of celebration using every food, decoration, and game idea you’ve found on Pinterest.

Don’t fret – you can host a wonderful 1st birthday party on a budget. Read on to found out how!

 Remember: the party shouldn’t be overwhelming.

 Many parents feel the first birthday is the most special, and therefore needs a ton of food, games, entertainment, even a clown or cartoon character! However, for babies, so much fuss and noise can be very overwhelming. Keep the party light so everyone has a great time, and so you don’t break the bank.

 Skip the games.

Your one year old won’t be able to participate in most traditional birthday party games, so save your cash. A few toys on the floor to encourage parallel play – the most popular type of play at this age – is more than enough entertainment for the tiny party goers. If older kids are attending, one simple game will be enough.

 DIY the party food.

No need to cater the first birthday party. Get together with a couple of family members and make finger foods for the guests. For babies, think soft and easy to chew. Shaped puffs and small pieces of cheese make a great party snack. Consider making the cake to save another $10 or so on the food.

 Have the party at home.

 Hosting your baby’s first birthday party at a location that requires payment is not necessary. Just like with games, they won’t be able to fully enjoy a bounce house or playland. Settle for a quiet location – your own home is likely to work perfectly and won’t cost you a dime on the venue!

 Send invites electronically.

Thanks to Facebook events, you don’t have to figure paper invitations, envelopes, and stamps into the party budget. Simply create an event and invite only those that you want to the party. If you need to invite friends that aren’t on Facebook, a quick email invite will do the trick!

 Opt for colors over a theme.

The characters and other birthday themes you see online are adorable, but they can really hit your wallet! Sometimes, a set of eight plates with Baby Mickey on them can be $4 or more! Settle for a color scheme rather than characters (pastels work great for a baby’s birthday party). You can then buy the plates, napkins, and decorations at the dollar store at a fraction of the cost. Keep the decor simple too, in order to throw a great party within your budget.