Adorable Family Time Lapse Pregnancy Video

Mark and Anna Sansone love a pregnancy time lapse video. In fact, the couple is so good at making them – that this is their second to go viral. 

Beyond your ordinary growing bump compilation, the Sansone’s let you into a real home with all its chaos and love. Expectant Dad and Sister run about in excitement, shoes are at the door and toys are scattered across the floor. The family cat even makes an appearance – as does Elf on  Shelf if you look closely enough. 

Time lapse videos are a super fun way to document pregnancy beyond a simple snap. They can be personalised and don’t require too much technical knowledge. Just a phone to get filming and a bit of excitement. Love or hate this trend? Let us know. 

Check out their latest video above..and see the video for their first born, Amelia (who is seen running about in the newest video) in the video below.