Baby Wearing Ballet


Babies love dancing, and these little ones are plié-ing before they can even walk. 

Morgan Castner, a dancer and mother of 2 has created a very unique class in Tustin, CA where new mothers dance – while wearing their babies. 

The 45 minute class is open to mothers and mothers-to-be at all fitness and experience levels. It offers a chance for mothers and babies to spend some time together outside of the house – dancing, toning, bonding and meeting other new mothers. 

Classes begin with warm-ups at the ballet barr, then move on to centre floor work, positions and choreography – all while wearing your little one. The best part – no baby sitter required. The class description says: 

You will enjoy a low impact-toning workout while your baby gets to experience all of your movements, rocking motions, soothing classical music and time close to you. The conclusion of class will be spent on the floor on mats with baby out of the carrier. Here we will focus on the core, stretch and enjoy mingling with other moms and babies.

Castner explains: 

The babies often fall asleep as the music plays and we are moving and even if they don’t they all seem so mellow… The mamas get in a little sweat, some toning and time to snuggle their little ones and meet other new moms. 

On the Babywearing Ballet’s Facebook page, Castner quotes Dr. William Sears who once explained why babies love dancing:

It’s only natural that dancing calms babies. Their whole uterine existence was a moving experience. Babies crave movement after birth because to them it is the norm. Being still disconcerts babies. They don’t understand it and it frightens them. Movement relaxes them. 

You can see the mothers in action on the group’s Facebook page.