Great Ways To Encourage Your Kids Artistic Side


As a parent you want your children to thrive in as many ways as they possibly can, and one of the greatest ways to bring out their talents and personality is to involve them in artistic endeavors.  You may be thinking your child isn’t an artist, but just because they can’t wield a paint brush or a pencil to create beautiful likenesses doesn’t mean they don’t have passion for some part of the arts.  Here are 7 Ways To Encourage Your Kids Artistic Side that are sure to not only give them an outlet to use their talents, but also help you to learn more about your child’s personality. 


INVEST IN QUALITY RESOURCES:  If your son or daughter enjoys coloring or drawing and seems to be very good at it, invest in some quality tools for them to use.  Buy better than average papers, pens, pencils, paints and even a few books with information and tips.  Check out online videos with instructions on techniques and encourage your child to branch out and learn new things.

TAP THEIR INNER DRAMA QUEEN OR KING:  Do you have a youngster who loves playing dress up and pretending?  They may be the perfect fit for your local kids theater production.  Check out local acting classes or opportunities to participate in upcoming plays and let them dress up and perform for real. 

TAKE THEM ON A NATURE WALK:  Many times a child may not fall into the typical artistic roll, but that doesn’t mean they lack creativity.  Take them out on a nature walk to look for things they find beautiful or wish to create art projects with.  Many kids will love picking out pretty rocks, leaves and various items along a trail and bringing home to make a fun collage with.

LET THEM CHOOSE THEIR WARDROBE:  Although you may not like the patterns they choose, letting your child have a major part of their wardrobe choices will allow them to express themselves in a fun way that is inexpensive and easy to deal with.  Many budding fashionistas created what others thought were odd combinations as children, but found success in the industry as adults.

CREATE A GARAGE BAND: We all dreamed of being rock stars when we were kids, but rarely did we get a chance to really rock out.  If your child has expressed an interest in music or enjoys singing, why not create a fun garage band for them and your whole family to enjoy.  Many instruments can be purchased used or even rented.  You can find lessons online or in your local area for low prices for some instruments.  You might even be able to barter with a teacher for lessons in exchange for something your family can give or provide them with.

Being artistic doesn’t only encompass things like painting, drawing, singing or even acting.  Find something that expresses your kids creativity, and help them develop that into a fun way to spend their time.  These great ways to encourage your kids artistic side are just the tip of the iceberg.  Explore different outlets like pottery, martial arts, poetry and creative writing as well as fun summer art programs at your local library to tap into the things your son or daughter excells in and enjoys the most.