Avoid Dressing Disasters


Have you ever fought with your kid to get dressed? Most of us have, but if you learn quickly what your child likes and doesn’t like you can choose the right clothing.

Three minor additions to your kids wardrobe can become a nightmare and sensory challenge. Buttons, zippers, and tags can drive your child into sensory overload and a meltdown. Over-sensitivity to touch and difficulty with motor skills can cause a variety of clothing issues, but if you’re prepared you can conquer your child’s clothing fears and avoid dressing disasters. 

Buttons can be a problem and lead to a lot of getting dressed issues.Most kids don’t like buttons and will find a way to get rid of them. Some kids will chew the buttons off their clothes while others will twist them off. Neither is a good thing for your child or you. There are a few solutions to get both of you through the button crisis.

Choose pull-over shirts. Simple tee-shirts are an easy fix. This clothing option prevents buttons from disappearing, choking hazards, and meltdowns. By choosing pull-over shirts you and your child are both happy.

Choose pants or shorts with elastic waistbands. Some kids struggle with buttoning their pants or just don’t like the way the button or snap feels on their stomach. When choosing clothing with elastic know your child. Some kids don’t like pant legs with elastic around the cuffs. Jogging pants can work well for this sensory issue.

Zippers can present a lot of sensory issues especially for boys. Boys with sensory disorders can have major problems with using zippers.The use of zippers can be a frightening experience for boys. The thought of having to use zippers can cause your child to feel overwhelmed. Using zippers can become a tedious event. As a parent you have to choose clothing without  zippers if your child has this issue.

Replace jackets with hoodies or pull-over sweatshirts. By replacing zippered jackets, your child won’t feel as overwhelmed at the thought of struggling with a zipper. Hoodies and  pull-over sweatshirts are easy to put on and take off. However, the winter months can present a problem with heavy jackets, but if you prepare and layer your child should be alright.

Don’t buy zippered jeans. Jeans with a zipper can cause major meltdowns. The best clothing option is jeans with elastic waistbands. Although most jeans are zippered for older boys, you may have to shop at a specialty store to meet the needs of your child.

When shopping for your child keep in mind their clothing needs. Most toddlers have issues with touch and motor skills. Stay clear of buttons and zippers if possible. Although it’s not always feasible to avoid these minor clothing additions remember you have solutions that will prevent dressing disasters.