There’s a New Babysitter In Town


In today’s technological world parent’s have become lazy. It’s a staggering fact as parent’s we let our young children spend too much time playing games on cell phones. The cell phone is the new babysitter in town. A lot of parents have gotten to the point where they think it’s okay for their child to spend hours playing games, well it’s not.

Playing games on the cell phone has many negative effects on your child. The cell phone is not a babysitter, it can be your worse enemy.

There are many negatives of letting your child spent so much time playing games on the phone. It’s become an epidemic and one parents need to curb.

Playing games on the phone is detrimental to your child’s development. You child’s young mind is still developing and when you let them have endless use to gaming on the cell phone you’re only asking for problems. Their brain becomes stuck in one mode. All they want to do is play games. From cartoon characters to war games whatever they are playing is addicting. Your child’s mind will become focused on the game and nothing else. It’s a known fact that kids prefer playing games on the phone than playing outside. If you let your child play endlessly on the phone, then they can’t grow physically or mentally.

Playing games on the phone is bad for your child’s behavior. Have you noticed a difference in your child’s behavior? If they are playing games on the cell phone you probably have at least once a day. Playing games day after day changes your sweet child into a monster. They can become agitated and irritated if disrupted. Their manners become lost. Frustration can set up shop and you’re mild-mannered child’s behavior will change. If you want their behavior to change, then take away the phone.

Playing games on the phone is adversarial to your child’s attitude. When you let your young child play games on the cell phone, you’re creating an antagonistic world between them and you. Their attitude will change and conflict will build. Your child will start to disrespect you and the rules. The attitude your child takes when playing games is the attitude of ‘I don’t care’. If you want to live with a Negative Ned or Nellie, then continue to let him or her play games.

As a parent you have to remember the cell phone is not your child’s babysitter. Playing games all day long is a destructive measure. It’s an easy out for parents, but one that can damage your young child. Before you turn over the cell phone to your child, think about what you are doing to their development, behavior, and attitude. Playing games on the phone is addictive not only to your child but to you if you allow the games to take over your child’s life. Don’t be the parent who doesn’t care what their child does. Don’t be a parent who relies on technology to take care of their kids.

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