The Ever Evolving Bath Time: From Newborn To Toddlerhood #DisneyBaby

Bath Time With Disney Baby

Bath Time is a constant routine, but an ever changing one when you’re a parent.

As a new parent, I was incredibly nervous to bathe my daughter, Ava for the first time. Newborns are not only delicate, but their skin feels like slippery rubber when wet.  They have no control over their neck either, so you need to hold it carefully the whole time you are bathing them. Needless to say I soon learned Ava didn’t need to have a bath everyday and that cloth bathing is super easy! I would cloth clean my daughter every day and then every third day give her a normal bath.


Most parents move to a normal tub when their child is able to sit well on their own.  I tried doing this with Ava, but she wasn’t into sitting in a big tub at all. She started to hate bath time! So, I tried giving her showers instead and oddly enough she loved them. Not only did she love playing with her toys while the water sprinkled close by, but it also became so much easier to clean her.  Bath-time changed from a hated process to fun times.

It was a gradual process to make Ava feel comfortable in a big tub. At first she refused to sit down and only stood while playing. She then built the confidence to kneel and sit on her bum. Now at two years old Ava is turning into a fish and likes to hold onto the tub while kicking her feet in the water like she is swimming.

Bath Time has changed as Ava has grown older, but one thing that hasn’t changed is her love of her Disney Baby Hooded Towels and Cloths. From a newborn I used the cloths to give Ava her daily cloth baths and once done I would keep her little head warm with her hooded towels. Need I say she also looked adorable in them?disney-baby-collage

I love that we are still able to use the Disney Baby products now that Ava is a toddler. Being a toddler, Ava doesn’t need mommy to clean her – she’s a big girl now.  Ava uses her Disney Baby cloths to clean herself.  The Disney Baby hooded towels still fit her head, so she still loves to wrap up in  her Finding Nemo and Winnie the Pooh hooded towels after bathing.

Here are our favorite Disney Baby Hooded Towels:


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Blue Nemo Hooded Towel  and Winnie The Pooh Puppet Towel

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