Rachel Zoe: Yogurt Stop With Skyler

Pregnant Rachel Zoe Stops For Froyo With Skyler

Rachel Zoe was photographed stopping by Froyo to pick up frozen yogurt with her son Skyler and a nanny in West Hollywood, CA on Monday (Oct. 28).

Refusing to give up her heels while pregnant, the pregnant fashion designer hid her bump with a leather motorcycle jacket and flowing black dress. Skyler looked to be having fun on the way home while swing with the help of his mom and nanny’s hands. 

Zoe recently told that she doesn’t like to go out and buy costumes for Halloween.

“Honestly, I’m a very impromptu Halloween person. I’m someone that never goes out and buys a crazy costume and spends all this time on it,” Zoe told E! News while promoting her new line with Jockey. “I literally go into my closet, and now I go into my closet and Skyler’s closet and Rodger’s closet and see what I can kind of put together from what we have,”

What does your family do? Do you buy your costumes or make your own?

Image Credit: Fame/Flynet

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