Natalie Portman & Aleph: Day of Learning at the Natural History Museum

Exclusive... Natalie Portman Takes Aleph To The Natural History Museum

Natalie Portman took her son Aleph to the Natural History Museum for a day of learning in Los Angeles, CA on Wednesday (Aug 21).

Dressed down in a white tank and baggy shorts, the Black Swan actress pushed the 2-year-old in a black stroller. 

Portman will be making a return to the big screen in Thor: The Dark World alongside Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston.

“I got to go to Asgard so I got to wear Asgardian dress robes, those were amazing,” Portman said while at D23 earlier in the month. “They printed special silk, Asgardian silk, they made all of the jewelry that was sort of pinned to the scarves and the dress, it was all handmade by a craftsman in the workshop there [on location in London]. It’s really, really beautiful work that you just never see.”

The film flies into theatres on November 8.

Image Credit: Fame/Flynet