Sarah Michelle Gellar Consoles Daughter After a Rough Day at Ballet

Exclusive... Sarah Michelle Gellar Leaving Her Daughter's Ballet Class

Sarah Michelle Gellar and her daughter Charlotte Prinze were pictured eaving her ballet class in Los Angeles, California on Saturday (June 15).

Wearing a spring dress and cream button-up sweater, the mom-of-two tried to console the 3-year-old who was upset about something that had happened in class. Gellar hugged her close as they headed towards their car.

Sarah recently chatted about her upcoming television show The Crazy Ones.

“I get to be on television with Robin freaking Williams. I mean, hello! I didn’t need anything else,” she told theHuffington Post about why she chose to do the show. “And they pay me too, which is great.”

The show airs the fall on CBS.

Image Credit: Fame/Flynet