May the Fourth Be With You

May the Fourth Be With You

I will just start off my saying…yes, I married a nerd….a nerd who LOVES Star Wars. It is bad enough that he wears the Star Wars shirts everywhere but now he has our son wearing them too. But that’s who I fell in love with. I even agreed to walk down the aisle at our wedding to the Imperial March. Before you gasp and think what a crazy person I am…it was only allowed to play with 15 seconds then it changed to Canon in D.

Before I finished my first trimester, our little baby barely the size of a grape had Star Wars books, action figures, toys, hats, and onesies. These pictures are only the tip of the iceberg…there is so much more. Our little one can barely hold a ball and dad is already planning to buy a Lego Star Wars Death Star so that he can put it together with him.

Since Saturday is May 4, otherwise known to Star Wars fans as May the Fourth Be With You, I thought it would be fitting to share with you the website dedicated to this special day.  We haven’t decided how we will be spending this Saturday but I’m sure whatever we do or wherever we go, the Star Wars soundtrack will be playing in the background.

To get a list of events and deals (free stuff!) happening this week, CLICK HERE!

Hopefully, you and your family can get in on some of the Star Wars fun!

So…May the Fourth Be With You and Happy Star Wars Day!