Tom Brady: Vivian Is “Going to Be an Athlete”

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen taking Benjamin to the park in Boston - June 1

Tom Brady who welcomed daughter Vivian Lake with wife Gisele Bundchen last week, insists he couldn’t be happier.

‘’It feels good,’’ Brady told the Boston Herald. ‘’Whatever we would have had, I would have been happy. We’ve got two beautiful boys, now a girl. It’s great.’’

The New England Patriots quarterback admits he wouldn’t mind if his daughter took after him.

‘’She’s going to be an athlete,’’ Brady said with a smile.

Brady adds that he was lucky that his newborn didn’t arrive on game day.

‘’It did (happen at a good time),’’ Brady said, ‘’but I didn’t think about that too much. I was just kind of focused on my job. There wasn’t much I could do.’’

Brady already has son Benjamin with Bundchen and son John from a previous relationship.