Katherine Kallinis is Pregnant

Katherine Kallinis DC Cupcakes

Katherine Kallinis is Pregnant!

The DC Cupcakes star is expecting a child with husband Ben Berman.

She expected to give birth in February.

“If I can get through this fall being pregnant, I feel like I can get through anything,” she says. “I’m lucky our mom works with us, so I have a guaranteed babysitter at all times. There’s no doubt it’s going to be chaotic.”

According to People, Kallinis will reveal the sex of her baby at a November shower thrown by sister (and co-founder of their bakery, Georgetown Cupcake) Sophie LaMontagne.

“Everyone will bite into the gender-reveal cupcakes and find either pink or blue buttercream in the middle,” Kallinis tells PEOPLE. “We will want everyone, including me, to find out together and be surprised at the same time.”

The TLC show returns to TV Oct. 9.