Carnie Wilson’s Picture Perfect Snow Cone Day

Carnie Wilson and her children, Lola and Luci Bonfiglio, cooled off with snow-cones at the West Hollywood Market in Los Angeles, California on October 7, 2012.

Carnie Wilson and her children Lola and Luci Bonfiglio were spotted at the West Hollywood Market in Los Angeles, Ca on Sunday. The two girls were joined by friends as they cooled off with snow-cones.

The whole group stopped to smile for photographers while browsing through the market.

In April, Wilson opened up to Parade readers on Facebook about her children following in her footsteps.

“My daughter Lola (7) is a wonderful singer and has a natural ability to sing harmony! Luci (almost 3) is starting to sing more on key!! LOL. I think Lola might be more inclined than Luci. They both love to dance and sing so we will see. It’s not something I will enforce… just encourage if they want. It’s up to them!!”

What do you think? Should she get her children involved in the music world too?

Image Credit: Fame/Flynet