Things I Do Better Now That I Am A Mommy

So this morning I was doing my morning grooming routine with my toddler and it hit me – I brush my teeth way better and longer now that I have someone I am trying to show how to care for themselves. And so, it inspired this post!

Here are some things I do better now that I am a mommy!

Teeth brushing – you have to get those buggies off!

Eating healthy – because I now my son will want what ever I have, I usually opt for fruit instead of chips or a sweet.

Watch my language! Toddlers mimic everything! Not cute to hear a cursing kid.

Time management – I have gotten so much better at managing every moment! When it counts, you really learn what takes priorityand how to bunch things in quick. Especially as a WAHM! We also arrive to most places on time, as I have leaned to get a head start!

Budgeting – every penny counts. Again, especially as a WAHM. I would rather clip coupons and look for deals so we can hit the zoo or aquarium (with a groupon of course) than fill my cart as I go along and waste money.

I am sure there are a dozen things I could add, but my time management is coming to an end as my little one is almost done exploring my drawer!

What are some of the things you do better now that you are a parent?