Leah Messer Deals With Her Daughter’s Medical Crisis In The New Season of Teen Mom 2 (Video)

Leah Messer Deals With Her Daughter's Medical Crisis In The New Season of Teen Mom 2 (Video)

MTV’s Teen Mom 2 returns to television in December with all new episodes.  We have a preview video for you of the premiere episode which will air December 6th, 2011.  In the episode Teen Mom Leah Messer struggle with her two year old daughter Ali’s medical crisis.  Leah split from Ali’ father Corey Simms after being married for a scant six months.

Ali has developmental issues and has to undergo a MRI to find out what is happening with her.  Add to this she is battling with Corey who is not happy because he finds out Leah cheated on him prior to their divorce.  Check out the video below.

If you have not watched Teen Mom before the show documents the challenges of their first years of motherhood. Each episode interweaves stories of four teenage girls who are navigating the bumpy terrain of adolescence, growing pains, and coming of age – all while facing the responsibility of being a young mother.  To find out more about the show head here!