Jennifer Lopez: Motherhood Can Be “Overwhelming”

Jennifer Lopez attends Jennifer Lopez's Fiat event at Greystone Mannor in Los Angeles, CA on November 20, 2011.Jennifer Lopez who has three-year-old twins, Max and Emme admits being a working mother can be “overwhelming”.

“I just have this attitude towards life – you just gotta attack it. You just gotta go for it.”

“Sometimes it can be overwhelming. I have a lot going on with the kids and everything, but you know, anytime I get tired or feel overwhelmed, I go, ‘This is good. I’m alive. It’s OK. I’m lucky.’ I get tired sometimes, but to be quite honest, I love what I do.

“Anytime I get any feeling that feels like this is scary, this is too much, I’m like, ‘Don’t be so weak.’ ”

Lopez loves being a mother more than anything in the world and recently said she envied the life of her children because they’ve already done so much.

She said: “They see everything, they go and do so much more then I have ever done in my whole life, in all my travels, and they’re only three.”