Stephen Moyer Kids Can’t Watch True Blood

Stephen Moyer With Anna Paquin With His DaughterStephen Moyer won’t allow his young children to watch True Blood because of the violence and sexual content.  He admits they must feel odd that they can’t watch him act in a show that has become so popular.  He thinks allowing them to come to set when he is not filming inappropriate scenes helps them be more involved.

“I like the kids to come to the set to see what I’m doing because they can’t watch the show itself,” explains Moyer.

“If there’s something that really is completely tame and it’s fine for them to watch I do try and get them there so that they feel part of it and they get to come and see what daddy is doing. But I do think it must be odd as a kid, you know your parent is in this thing which is very successful and people watch and you’re not allowed to watch it. It must be really frustrating for them.”