Suri Cruise Tells The Photogs How It’s Going To Be

Suri Cruise Tells The Photogs How It's Going To Be

Little Suri Cruise is sure being a handful for the paparazzi lately. First, she gave them THIS AWESOME FACE from a helicopter window, and now she’s telling them off. And you know what we think about it all? We think it’s totally fantastic!

Hey, mildly-borderline-annoying photogs, if the girl wants some space . . . GIVE HER SOME space!

Recently, Suri was seen walking through NYC with her mother when a group of photographers rushed over to them to get a goldworthy shot of the mother-daughter duo. That’s when Suri gave them a piece of her mind. . .

“Take a picture of my doll, instead!” she said.

LOL. You tell ’em, girl!