Sarah Michelle Gellar: Filming Movies Are Demanding With Kids

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Daughter CharlotteSarah Michelle Gellar says she is excited to start acting on TV again, but will not return to movies.

“Once I had my daughter, I realized that I was done living the romantic lifestyle of movies, and although it works for some actors, I want to be home,” she said.

She says movies are too demanding and she will miss out on time with her one year old daughter Charlotte.

“I want to put her to bed and get up with her in the morning, and I want to be there for her first day of school. And nothing offers that more than television. And what’s been so interesting for me getting back into it was I didn’t realize how much I missed it, how much I missed the excitement of getting the new episode and doing something different and seeing the same people and the family environment.

“I think if I hadn’t had the time away, I wouldn’t have been able to appreciate the experience that I’m appreciating now.”