77Kids Opens New York City Store

77Kids Opens New York City StoreOne of America’s most loved stores, American Eagle, has now spread its franchise to a younger age demographic. The franchise open a new store named 77kids, which has clothes for babies through early teens. This week the company opened the first 77kids store in New York City in Times Square.

The store is chalk full of adorable clothing and also boasts a photobooth that projects your child’s face into a music video. Along with that, the store is also equipped with a candy machine, stairs that light up, and a touchscreen that allows tots to virtually try on outfits.

“[This] continues our tradition of giving customers something completely new and unexpected,” said Jim O’Donnell, CEO, American Eagle Outfitters, Inc.

“This is not retail-as-usual. From the clothing to the creative and entertaining activities, 77kids at Times Square is changing what it means to go shopping.”

The store has a website that has quite an extensive stock. If you happen to be stopping by the big apple any time soon, and have or know a tiny tot, it seems like the store might be well worth the visit. Brooke Shields is seen shopping for her kids at the New York store in the picture above.