Celeb Baby Laundry Monday Link Love!

Celeb Baby Laundry Monday Link Love!Katy Perry Booed Over Justin Bieber!  Celeb Dirty Laundry

Selena Gomez writes songs about friends who broke her heart  Earsucker

Madonna Inspired “Blond Ambition” Shoes Are UGLY!  Swanky Celebs

Charley Sheen Packs His Gear For The Tour   Fit Fab Celeb

Halle Berry Bows Down to Muhammad Ali at Fight Night  Have U Heard

If Songs Were Jewelry, Lady Gaga Would Be Lindsay Lohan  Busy Bee Blogger

Britney Spears Hires A Math Tutor!  The Skinny Chic

as Sienna moved on already? Sheesh.   Celebrity VIP Lounge

Liv Tyler Caricature  Distort you Photo

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