General Hospital Spoilers: Kevin Comes Through for Laura — and Heather, Who Could Be Redeemed All Too Soon

General Hospital Spoilers reveal Kevin Collins (Jon Linstrom) will do just about anything for wifey, Laura Collins (Genie Francis), and that includes rooting around for case history that might reveal a possible path toward repealing Heather Webber’s (Alley Mills) criminal convictions and subsequent sentences.

Finding out she has been suffering from cobalt poisoning — and that it may have played a role in her erratic behavior in recent years — was a pivotal moment for Laura.

For the first time in ages, she saw a glimmer of hope that her former friend was still trapped somewhere inside of Heather, seeking redemption.

Eager to give it to her if she can, when Kevin comes through for Laura, he may be surprised at just how happy and relieved she is. But is she counting her chickens before they hatch?

General Hospital Spoilers — Kevin Lends a Hand

Laura didn’t even have to task Kevin with the heavy lift of unearthing loopholes that might be able to help reduce the convictions against Heather.

His wife’s bleeding heart — even for a maniacal serial killer — was enough to convince him that he needed to do some due diligence. Heather was one of Laura’s oldest friends — and there is very little left of the “Webber” family line.

If she is aching to put the pieces of Heather’s life back together just a smidge, Kevin doesn’t see the harm in helping her.

Besides, it’s not very likely that any judge would let Heather go free, but it is possible to give Heather the comfort of knowing Laura tried, and to give Laura the same peace of mind.

GH Spoilers Tease Laura Pushes for a New Leaf

When Kevin comes to Laura with news that it’s possible the diagnosis of cobalt poisoning could be used to explain away some of Heather’s more recent crimes, it just might extend back farther than they think.

Could the argument end up being made that Heather can’t be legally held responsible for her behavior in recent years — and if so, would that argument hold up in court when appealing her prior convictions?

Could we really see Heather on the outside of a prison wall again — even if she’s just locked up in a mental asylum?

General Hospital Spoilers — Redemption, or Regret?

Of course, just because Heather was suffering from cobalt poisoning doesn’t mean that was the cause of her break with reality in recent years that led to a string of more violent crimes — including murder.

Heather was all too eager before going into surgery to ask what it would mean for her if she came out of this and returned to her former moderately-unstable senses.

Was that her angling to weasel out of charges she knows she deserves? Will she use this surgery as a way to manipulate the system — and the likes of people like Laura — to convince everyone she has changed and is back to her old self? Just how long can she keep up that ruse? Stay tuned for more GH news and spoilers to find out.

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