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Easter Bunny Craft For Kids

Easter is almost here! When I was a kid I loved making crafts that my family could pack away and use each holiday. Till this day my mom has some of the crafts I made. This Easter Bunny craft is a perfect…

Easter Craft: Easter Lollipop Pot

Looking for a fun alternative to the traditional gift Basket this Easter holiday? Try making this cute Easter Lollipop Pot. Just as festive as the traditional Easter basket, the pot is a perfect for kids and can also act as a

Easter Craft For Kids: Glitter Easter Eggs

How do you decorate your Easter Eggs? Dying eggs for Easter isn't the only way to decorate your eggs. There are lots of different options when it comes to making unique eggs. To change things up try glittering the eggs with our…

Fun Toddler Craft: Toilet Paper Roll Bunnies

Every week, my 2-year-old daughter, Ava and I sit down to make something together. I love simple, but fun crafts that she can take part in. These Toilet Paper Roll Bunnies are just perfect for age. Young children will love gluing the ears…