OutDaughtered Quint Hazel Busby Gets Lost In The Mirror Maze?

It’s the holiday season so the OutDaughtered cast set off for a surprise trip for the kids. The quints, Riley, Ava, Olivia, Parker, and Hazel Busby all seem to be having a complete blast. Once again, Adam Busby revealed that the family visited a waterpark. However, it’s a massive place with loads of indoor entertainment for the family. Given the cold weather in Texas right now, it seems as if they made an excellent choice. But, for a bit, it looked like Hazel got herself lost in the Mirror Maze.

OutDaughtered Trip To The Waterpark – Hazel Busby Overcomes

Parker Kate Busby was particularly subject to insecurities and anxiety as a young child. However, as the years went by she blossomed into a confident seven-year-old. TLC fans saw her overcome her fears of horses and they applauded the cute kid. However, Hazel, the quint with red hair and eyeglasses also struggled a bit with her fears. Recall, she was the last of the toddlers that learned to swim. Additionally, she’s not overly keen on heights. But on their post-Chritsmas trip this year, she overcame that fear.

Often, during spring or summer breaks, the OutDaughtered family goes to Splashway Waterpark, one of their favorite destinations. Actually, plenty of fun happens there under sunny skies. But this year, Adam and Danielle decided on a  different destination for the winter holidays. In fact, it’s a water park where the kids never have to step outside into the cold to find watery entertainment. On his Instagram, Adam said that they chose Kalahari Resorts at Round Rock for their fun-filled vacation.

OutDaughtered – Hazel Busby At Kalahari Resorts

On December 28, Adam Busby posted up about how Hazel went on one of the rides at the resort that whooshed the kids up high. In his post, he said, “Hazel overcame a big fear…She typically will never get on a ride like this one that drops!” He added, “She overcame her fear in a big way and was riding back to back by the last day.” However, he also took to his Instagram Stories and posted about the kids exploring the Mirror Maze.

Adam Busby / Instagram Stories

OutDaughtered fans who follow Adam’s “It’s A Buzz World” channel on YouTube, might recall that the family once got horribly lost in a corn maze. At the time, it seemed that Hazel was so taken with the ears of corn, that she wouldn’t have minded being lost in there forever. But, getting lost in a Mirror Maze might be less fun. And for a brief moment, that’s what her dad thought had happened.

Lost In The Mirror Maze?

The OutDaughtered dad shared a clip of himself standing outside of the entrance to the Mirror Maze. Adam said that they visited it the day before and they loved it so much, they wanted a second experience. Actually, the soft mirror walls meant the kids bounced their way around it, trying to find the exit. But along the way, as Hazel went one side of a pillar, she lost the grip of her sister’s hand. She disappeared, and Adam’s red flag radar soon had him hunting for his daughter.

Bouncing off the walls a few times, he heard the family calling to say they’d found Hazel, who made it to the exit safely. Then he said to her, with relief evident in his voice, “So here you are!”

So, all was well and that ended well for the TLC family that fans fell in love with when Danielle brought home the five little sisters of Blayke.

Be sure to check back here for everything happening with the TLC cast. Remember to come back often for more OutDaughtered spoilers, news, and updates.

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