Love Is Blind Creators Debut New Dating Reality TV Show ‘Love Without Borders’

Love Without Borders

Love Is Blind quickly became one of the most popular reality TV shows. And now its creators hope to repeat the success. The new dating reality show, Love Without Borders, uses a matchmaker to help singles find what they hope will be lasting love.

Find out what to expect on the new show. And meet the contestants. Get all the details below.

Love Without Borders Spoilers – Singles Travel Far To Find Their Dating Dreams

Can a matchmaker and the willingness to travel result in the perfect date? And beyond that, could the combination even turn into forever love? A group of single contestants hopes so as they take their chances on the new reality TV show, Love Without Borders.

The new dating show from Bravo calls on relationship specialist Arica Angelo. With 126,000 YouTube subscribers, Angelo ranks as one of the highest-regarded relationship experts in the matchmaking arena. She is CEO and founder of the Arica Angelo Intimacy Experience, according to Newsweek.

Five Americans signed up to get guidance from Arcia in their pursuit of love. Aaron Motacek, Danna Richards, Philip Michael Thomas Jr, Naeem Thompson, and Gurleen Virk prepare to travel wherever the matchmaker decrees to meet the ideal person. But in exchange, they must surrender their current lives.

Love Without Borders Updates – Contestants Hope For A Perfect Match

The show follows the five singles as they go through the process of closing the door on their current lives. As they pack up and hold onto their passports, the contestants face twists and turn in their journey. For instance, none of the singles learn their destination until they actually arrive at the airport.

But the five contestants seem so determined to solve their search for love that they submit to all the rules. And another rule forbids contestants to talk to their match before flying out of the United States. They can’t even view a picture of their future mate.

The contestants include social worker Naeem Thompson. He claimed to get a message from God directing him to find a wife. In contrast, independent program manager Gurleen Virk wants someone willing to make a long-term commitment. And she even leaves her dogs behind to achieve that goal. Aaron Motacek enjoys spending time with his family. But the failure to find the right match in Fargo, North Dakota makes him willing to travel. And musician Danna Richards has decided to surrender her life in a Sprinter van for love. Another musician, Philip Michael Thomas Jr., has remained celibate for several months in order to make space for love.

Kinetic Content produces Love Without Borders. The team responsible for Love Is Blind will executive produce the new show. After premiering on November 30 with two episodes, fans can expect an episode each week.

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