Jenna Bush Hager’s Daughter, 9, Drops Truth Bombs Including Her Mom Skipping Underwear!

Jenna Bush Hager may have assumed that inviting her daughter to appear on her talk show would result in a few cute moments. But instead, the 9-year-old happily spilled some of her mother’s most humiliating secrets! For instance, Mila informed the Today With Hoda & Jenna audience about her mom’s underwear habits.

Find out what Hager’s daughter shared during her appearance on the Today show. And discover how Jenna reacted. Get all the details below.

Jenna Bush Hager’s Daughter Shares Mom’s Embarrassing Secrets

The Today show audience recently got to know more than they anticipated about Jenna Bush Hager. And it all came courtesy of a tiny investigative journalist: Her daughter. Acting like a future reporter, Mila cheerfully told everything her mom wanted to keep secret. The 9-year-old dropped her truth bombs during an episode of Today With Hoda & Jenna, noted Page Six

And Mila definitely made her appearance memorable. For instance, the preteen announced that her mother “never wears underwear.” And like a true reporter, Mila offered confirmation. “She is not wearing it right now! I saw her change,” announced Jenna’s daughter. 

However, Hager herself once admitted to skipping underwear. And she shared that she does so to achieve a “more pretty silhouette.” As Jenna’s co-host Hoda Kotb listened, Hager explained that skipping underwear simplifies wardrobe decisions.

Today Show Viewers Learns About Jenna Bush Hager’s ‘Peeing In Her Pants’!

Jenna Bush Hager has actually gone into detail about the virtues of occasionally skipping her underwear. For instance, the Today show co-host pointed out, “You don’t have to pack as much.” As a result, Jenna sees a “lot of pros” in leaving her panties at home. But Mila went even further in spilling all about her famous mom.

And the 9-year-old also announced that Jenna once got so overcome by laughter that she peed. As Hager listened, her daughter informed the viewers, “One time she was laughing in our living room.” Pausing for dramatic impact, Mila added the final touch. “And she peed her pants!” announced Jenna’s daughter.

However, after Mila announced that her mom needed to “change her pajamas,” Hager finally pressed the pause button on those truth bombs. And she thanked Mila for sharing. But then Jenna added, “I think Hoda is trying to get the truth bombs out [of you].”

Hoda Kotb Praises Jenna Bush Hager’s Daughter

As her daughter tried to continue, her mom finally stepped in. “But no more,” said Jenna firmly. “OK, goodbye!” she added to her daughter. “Goodbye, I love you!” But Mila earned praise from Hager’s friend and co-host. And Kotb exclaimed, “What a great kid. You and she are very similar because you’re both just exactly who you are.”

However, Hager teased, “She sort of reminds me of you too in that you drop a bomb here or there. Every once in a while, you drop one.” Jenna also co-parents another daughter as well as a son with her husband Henry Hager. And we hope that future shows will feature her daughter Poppy, 7, and son Hal, 3, dropping more truth bombs!

Tell us what you think. How do you feel about Jenna Bush Hager’s daughter spilling her mom’s secrets on national TV? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more celebrity children’s news.

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