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WiFi Baby ReviewBaby monitors are ever evolving! It seems just like yesterday, I was excited to find out that I could watch my now four-year-old daughter on a portable video monitor. Having this luxury seemed groundbreaking at the time, but little did I know how much baby monitors would advance in such a short period of time. There are so many things you can do with a baby monitor in 2016.  You can watch your baby over the internet! How crazy is that? Some monitors even let you record whole sequences and takes pictures of your baby. The monitor I had just four years ago seems like a dinosaur now! 

I love this advancement in technology now that I’m pregnant with twins. With a rambuncious four-year-old to take care of and a full-time at home job, I will definitely need a baby monitor close by at all times! The only thing that worries me about a new baby monitor is the security of streaming a video of my babies via a internet connection. That’s how I came across WiFi Baby.

WiFi Baby Review

WiFi Baby is a wireless-network based camera that gives parents peace of mind with the ability to monitor anywhere via apps on iOS or Android devices. It turns your iPhone, iPad or Android device into a full-featured monitor without restricting the use of the mobile device. This completely eliminates the need of carrying around a bulky monitor that has no other use than to stream video from the monitor. Also, mom can watch baby sleeping while out shopping while dad uses the app while working in another room at home.  

With this advanced technology, WiFi Baby wanted to ensure they provide parents with the upmost privacy and security while using the baby monitor.

  • Unlike other monitors, WiFi Baby does not use a cloud to access your camera remotely or to record. The video and audio are never uploaded, recorded and downloaded from a cloud server. Instead, you can record your baby using the camera’s DVR function that stores footage on a MicroSD card. 
  • The wireless connection doesn’t use the internet either, it connects only locally using your network. It’s like any other device that connects wirelessly to your router without the need for an internet connection. This is also plus because the monitor uses ZERO internet bandwidth. 
  • Each WiFi Baby has a unique MyWiFiBaby URL that is used to access remotely with a username and password.  In this case the path is direct from Device > External WiFi or Data Plan > WiFi Baby – not a connection that uploads and downloads your video from the cloud.  

WiFi Baby Review

If the ability to monitor my babies anywhere wasn’t enough to win me over, the superior image and sound quality of the video streaming did! The video quality of my first baby monitor is laughable compared to the WiFi Baby 4. It features HD video 8x zoom and with a 35% wider view than the previous model it provides the longest range of any baby monitor out there. Even at night, the monitor reaches up to 30 feet away, giving me a clear photo of the nursery. Though my twins will be sharing a bedroom with us for the first few months, it’s relieving to know that when we move them to their bedroom, I can still watch over them closely.

Other Features

  • The WiFi baby mobile app works in the background, filtering audio and alerts through your device as you have other apps running. You can check your email or finish that game of Angry Birds with peace of mind that your babies are sleeping soundly. 
  • For multiple kids, you can also add up to 4 cameras to the Wifi Baby app.
  • Apple Watch auto alerts. The monitor will notify you via Apple Watch when baby is crying.
  • Constant-connect, designed for overnight monitoring.  Options: Screen on/off, auto-mute, audio alerts.
  • Streams to Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, Roku and other media players.
  • Set a weekly or monthly schedule using the camera’s DVR. 

WiFi Baby Review

As you can see, I mounted the WiFi Baby to our wall with the included mounting stand and screws. You can also mount the device to the ceiling or the self/free standing with the attachable rubber feet on the bottom of the stand. Adhesive clips are also included, so you make the power cord less visible by guiding it discreetly down the wall.  

WiFi Baby Review

Installation of the WiFi Baby system with router and my computer was relatively easy.  I was able to do it myself when I typically rely on my husband to take care of things like this! WiFiBaby also provides MyWiFi Pro support for one year. So, if you ever need any help, expert setup assistance by phone or screen share is available by request.

The Wifi Baby 4 is available for purchase at local juvenile retailers and Amazon. I consider the price point very reasonable with the technology the baby monitors provides. To add, the monitor I bought 4 years go was the same price and not even half as good! 

Be sure to visit the WiFi Baby website for more information and follow the brand on FacebookTwitterPinterest, and YouTube

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