Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 5 “Good Form” Spoilers & Sneak Peek #OnceUponATime

Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 5 “Good Form” Spoilers & Sneak Peek #OnceUponATime

On Sunday my favorite fantasy drama Once Upon A Time returns to ABC with a new episode called, “Good Form.”  Last week’s episode was fantastic and we cannot wait until Sunday’s new episode.  Good news, we have managed to get our hands on a sneak peek video and a few spoilers to whet your appetite as you wait  for next week’s episode 5.

On next week’s episode Hook takes a dying David on a journey to find a map that could lead them off Neverland, and in the Fairy Tale land of the past, Hook and his brother sail to an uncharted land to find a powerful healing plant.

Official ABC synopsis of next week’s episode: “With the deadly Dreamshade coursing through David’s body and close to death, Hook takes him on one last journey to find a sextant that could help them decipher a map that would lead them off Neverland. Meanwhile, in the Fairy Tale Land that was, Killian Jones – aka Hook – and his brother, Captain Liam, sail off under orders of the King to find a powerful indigenous plant on an uncharted land that could help heal any injury.”

The episode stars Robbie Kay as Pan, Skyler Gisondo as Devin, Bernard Curry as Liam, Parker Croft as Felix and Jordan Schartner as sailor.

Once Upon A Time season 3 episode 5, Good Formairs on AMC on October 27th, 2013. Check out the preview video below & photos of season 3 episode 5 and let us know in the comments below what you think!