Reasons Why I love Breastfeeding and Why It’s Great For The Earth!


As I first time parent, no books or classes could have prepared me for the pain, difficulty, awkwardness but ultimately the amazing bonding experience that comes with breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is a waste-free renewable source that provides ideal nutrition for babies. It’s easy because it doesn’t require bottles or heating, it is always the right temperature and great for on the go! So many great benefits but there were at least two instances where I seriously wanted to quit. The pain (nipples and mastitis once), frustration and latching issues for the first two months that made me think how much easier it would be to give baby formula. It was because of the support from my husband, lactation consultants, and friends that I kept with it and here I am today still going strong at 5 months.

Since breastfeeding is the ultimate eco-friendly way to feed baby, I wanted to share with you my two favorite “green” breastfeeding products.

After going through 4 disposable nursing pads a day on average, I hated the fact that I had to throw them away after using them once.  I tried to wear one pair a day and this might be TMI but they started to smell pretty bad. Then, one of my good friends told me about Bamboobies.  First, I love the name! Second, it is a great product made a mom. The first time I purchased Bamboobies, I bought the multipack with 3 regulars and 1 overnight. I love them so much I ended up buying more and now I have 9 regular pairs and 3 overnights and I don’t use anything else! Both the regulars and overnights are very comfy, soft and absorbant. A must have for any breastfeeding mama!

The same friend that told me about Bamboobies, recommended the Hygeia Breast Pump. To be completely honest, I had never heard of Hygeia and I had no idea what I was looking for in a pump but I’m glad I got it.  First, they are eco-friendly and endorsed by the La Leche League. This is the only pump that can be shared between moms because all the parts can be replaced.  If you do not want to share your pump, they have a great recycling program.  Second, the replacement parts are pretty inexpensive.  I recently placed an online order for replacement parts and they came within the week!

I’m so glad my friend told me about these two great eco-friendly products and I hope that it can help you on your breastfeeding journey too!