Teen Mom’s Leah Messer Shares Video Of Daughter Ali Walking (Video)

Teen Mom's Leah Messer Shares Video Of Daughter Ali Walking (Video)

If you watch Teen Mom 2 on MTV, you know that motherhood hasn’t been easy for Leah Messer. Besides being a teen, getting divorced, and having twins, the West Virginia native has been pulling her hair out over daughter Ali‘s health. Twin Aleeah was developing motor skills much faster, which prompted the concerned parents to seek medical help. Doctors couldn’t pin point the reason for Ali’s developmental challenges, and so physical therapy began. While Aleeah was walking, sitting up, and feeding herself, Ali was stuck in an infantile state of mobility.

That all changed in February, when Leah was thrilled to report that Ali had taken her first steps. The then 15-month-old wore leg braces to help with muscle development, and the parents were still waiting for answers. It was finally determined that Aleeah was resting on her in the womb, causing Ali’s muscles to not fully develop before birth. Fortunately, Ali has made huge strides, and Leah is a proud mama, posting them to her Twitter account.

The video shows Ali walking a few steps from her mother’s arms. She falls on the floor and then tackles her twin sister, who hugs and spanks her. The video is incredible, and we’re sure that Leah is overwhelmed by her daughter’s health. You can see the video on Leah’s Twitter by clicking here. It is so heartwarming to see Ali growing up, and pushing past her disability. Leah tweeted the message, “Aliannah walking to sissy! They’re soo adorable!! #BESTFRIENDS along with the video. We are so happy for them! How cute are the twins?

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