CBL Exclusive Interview: Alison Sweeney Makes ‘One Giant Pledge’ To Get Families To Eat More Veggies

Celeb Baby Laundry was honored to get a chance to interview The Biggest Loser‘s TV host, Alison Sweeney while she made “one giant pledge” to get families to eat one more vegetable a day. In the interview, the mother of two opens up about motherhood, staying active and teaching her children about healthy eating.

Sweeney who describes the best thing about being a mom as “everything” insists balance is the key to juggling a busy career with motherhood.

“Balance is the key. It’s tough because we have long shoot days sometimes or occasionally I have to travel for the show. But I do the best I can to balance out my work time with my family time, and if I have a really heavy work week, I make it a point to stay home on the weekend, and really give the kids my attention. We have a lot of quality family time together. And it all balances itself out in the end,” the star tells Celeb Baby Laundry.

Sweeney who once struggled with her weight admits losing the baby weight after becoming a mother was not easy. However, planning ahead allowed her to maintain a healthy diet.

“It’s always a challenge to lose weight after having a baby, I think I faced the same challenge that every new mom faces. It’s a struggle to learn to care for a new child, and take care of yourself at the same time. A mom’s instinct is always to make the baby okay, and their own needs come second, or third or fourth… you she to learn that it’s okay to make time to take care of yourself too!”

“For me, planning ahead is key. I buy stuff on the weekend and cut up fruits and veggies to take to work with me during the week. That way I have healthy snacks on hand, and am not tempted to go to a vending machine,” Sweeney add when asked how she eats healthy,” she adds.

Since having children, the actress has tried to teach her children how to eat healthy by making vegetables accessible.

“We eat healthy all the time, so at this point the kids are used to it and happy with our family plan. I keep veggies out and accessible as a snack, after school or even before dinner. I usually cut up bell peppers for a salad, and the kids are always munching on them as they set the table. Its also great to include the kids at the grocery store – deciding which veggies to buy, and then they feel part of the process. And we try to do fun things like taking the One Giant Pledge with the Green Giant, encouraging the family to eat one more veggie everyday.”

Besides offering lots of veggies to her kids, Sweeney tries to keep her kids active.

“We go for walks together as a family. Take our dogs to the dog park. We are having fun practicing baseball with Ben for his league. So that gets us all running around the backyard. It is fun and a workout.”

Are you going to take the “one giant pledge”?

How do you get your children to eat more veggies?