Jennifer Lopez Nicknames Children The Coconuts

Jennifer Lopez and her beau Casper Smart enjoyed spending time at the beach in Malibu, California with her twins on February 5, 2012. Casper ran around the beach with Emme and Max

Jennifer Lopez calls her three-year-old twin children Max and Emme  “the coconuts”. According to Lopez, she gave them the nickname when they were babies because she felt they resembled the hairy fruit.

 “The twins are so good, they’re about to turn four. They’re my coconuts, that comes from when they were little and in their cribs and started growing hair, it looked just like a coconut to me, they both look like coconuts.

“I have this beautiful necklace which was given to me at Christmas, there are two coconuts and their initials on it.”

Ahh, How Cute?