Kate Beckinsale: “I Don’t Feel Great When I’m Pregnant.”

Kate Beckinsale Harpers Bazaar RussiaIn the January 2012 edition of Harper’s Bazaar magazine, Kate Beckinsale admits she loves being a mother to her 11-year-old daughter Lily with former flame Michael Sheen, but is unsure if she will have children with her husband Len Wiseman.  She says the sadness her friends have suffered from miscarriages pains her when she thinks of having more children.  Plus, she hates being pregnant.

“I’m not 100 per cent sure [I’ll have more kids]. I’ve had tragedy after tragedy with friends who have miscarried, so I feel for them when I’m asked this. Lily is very against it; Len is quite for it. I’d love it if Len could have the pregnancy, because I don’t feel great when I’m pregnant. So we need to figure that out!”

Beckinsale recently revealed that she needs a whole “village” of people to help her look tip-top for public appearances.

“I don’t roll out of bed like this. It takes a village. I tend to wake up looking like Steven Tyler, then somebody comes to help.”