Amanda Seyfried “Daydreams” About Becoming A Mother

Amanda Seyfried at the IN Time Premiere held at The Regency Village Theater in Weswood, California on October 20th, 2011. Amanda Seyfried says she can’t wait to settle down and have children, but says she’s a long way off realising her dream because she’s currently single.

“I can’t wait to have kids but I have to keep myself in check,” she said. “I’m not having a baby any time soon. I don’t even have a boyfriend, so it’s not going to happen. But I love spending time with babies and daydreaming what it’s going to be like for me.”

While she would like children in the future, Amanda says she’s content with being a mother to her dog.

“My dog Finn’s my baby, I treat him like a child! I think this is easier for now,” she said.