Perez Hilton Is Writing A Children’s Book

Perez Hilton Is Writing A Children's Book

Celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton the Queen of Trash, is writing a children’s book that will be out this September called The Boy With The Pink Hair.  He has failed at turning his website into something nice, he’s failed at his other websites and he has failed at any type of career in music.  He is known for being mean and bitchy.  Below is what Penguin has to say about the book:

“The Boy With Pink Hair” is the story of a child born with a shock of fabulous hair that sets him apart from his peers. While some find this difference hard to accept or understand, “The Boy With Pink Hair” uses the opportunity to find what makes him special and share it with the world. The children’s book is illustrated with vibrant retro-feeling art by first-time illustrator Jen Hill, putting into pictures the fun that comes with embracing individuality.”

I don’t know about you but this isn’t a book I would want my child to read.    He is not a nice person and just because he thinks it politically correct to be nice now does not make me like him any better.  What about you?  Would you buy the book?