Kindergarden School Bus Travel: 5 Tips To Keep Your Child Safe and Happy

Kindergarden School Bus Travel: 5 Tips To Keep Your Child Safe and Happy

Can you believe your son or daughter is heading to kindergarten? You probably have a ton of mixed emotions about the whole “kindergarten” issue, but now your child is going to ride the bus too? You’re a mom or dad who needs a few tips to help your kindergartner have a smooth transition (and to maybe help you with the transition as well).

1. Tour the bus

Most people have great memories of their bus riding adventures as kids. Well, the first stop in making sure your child has great memories is to take a tour. If your school has kindergarten roundup, then a bus might be available for you to check out. If not, I would suggest calling the transportation department to see if you can get a one on one tour. You might even be able to ride the bus with your child on a “tour.”

2. Take it easy

I think a lot of negativity about the bus comes from parents themselves. Bad experiences from your childhood do not need pushed on your kids. Instead, take a moment and channel those experiences into something positive. You know what to look out for in the best interest of your child, thanks to your experiences. Just take the whole bus riding thing a little easier on the emotions, and everything will be fine.

3. Talk to the bus driver

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Tips To Having an All Natural Birth

Tips To Having an All Natural Birth

All natural births seem to be the newest craze, but for many people it is just the way they feel comfortable giving birth to their new bundle of joy. It has been done for generations, so having a natural birth should seem like an easy thing to accomplish, but with today’s technology that isn’t always so. If you want to have an all natural birth, follow these tips to help you make that happen. … [read more]

Tips for Getting Your Child to Eat Healthy

Mother woman and little girl choosing melon during family shopping at fruit vegetable supermarket st

One of the biggest struggles most parents have at one point in their child’s life is getting them to not only eat healthy, but enjoy healthy foods. There are all kinds of books on the subject. It can happen at any age from toddlerhood to teenage- hood. Here are some tips for getting your kids to not only choose healthy foods but start to enjoy them as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Tips for getting Your Child to Eat Healthy

Don’t compromise. It might seem easier in the long run, especially if you are tired, but don’t allow your children to ask you to make alternatives to meals you prepare. It is important that they are given opportunities to eat healthy foods, even if they are reluctant. Your child will be just fine if they skip a meal or two here and there.… [read more]

Six Ways to Have a Stress-Free Easter Celebration

6 Ways to Have a Stress-Free Easter Celebration

Easter is a fun time for family to get together and celebrate the occasion. For the people in charge, however, it can become a big headache to plan it all. There are ways you can get around the overwhelm when it comes to your Easter celebration – the key being shortcuts and compromises that allow you to plan a nice day without filling it full of stress.

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