Dealing With Temper Tantrums

Dealing With Temper Tantrums

We all have heard of the tantrums that come with the terrible two’s. They don’t always end there. Here are some of our tips for Dealing With Temper Tantrums in your kids. As the parent, it can be very tough and even embarrassing when your child just doesn’t understand and continues to push buttons. Learning how to deal with these situations as quickly as possible will help you be able to develop a healthier relationship with your child.… [read more]

Realistic Ways to Achieve Your Nursing Goals

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Whether you are a first time mom or welcoming baby #3 into the world, these tips will help you achieve your nursing goals.

Time and patience:

Dedicate your time establishing a nursing relationship. Push the house work to the side and lean on family and friends to help with meals and chores. If you don’t have family that lives close by, reach out to a local church. They are always willing to lend a helping hand when a new life enters the world.… [read more]

Just in Time For Back to School: Improving Hand Hygiene With Purell

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Purell with the Mom It Forward Blogger Network.


Are you taking the the challenge? Earlier in the month, my family made the commitment to improve our hand hygiene habits by using Purell Advanced hand sanitizer 3 times a day for 30 days.

Using Purell Advanced hand sanitizer came particularly in handy during our vacation at a lakeside cottage in Lake George the last two week . From playing in the sand to amusements parks you can expect germs to be waiting to ruin the fun! Purell’s Advanced Jelly wrap was really a life safer on our vacation. It easily fit into my purse and clipped onto items, so it was perfect to carry around the beach. It also came in handy at restaurants where tables and menus are hotspots for germs. … [read more]

Kindergarden School Bus Travel: 5 Tips To Keep Your Child Safe and Happy

Kindergarden School Bus Travel: 5 Tips To Keep Your Child Safe and Happy

Can you believe your son or daughter is heading to kindergarten? You probably have a ton of mixed emotions about the whole “kindergarten” issue, but now your child is going to ride the bus too? You’re a mom or dad who needs a few tips to help your kindergartner have a smooth transition (and to maybe help you with the transition as well).

1. Tour the bus

Most people have great memories of their bus riding adventures as kids. Well, the first stop in making sure your child has great memories is to take a tour. If your school has kindergarten roundup, then a bus might be available for you to check out. If not, I would suggest calling the transportation department to see if you can get a one on one tour. You might even be able to ride the bus with your child on a “tour.”

2. Take it easy

I think a lot of negativity about the bus comes from parents themselves. Bad experiences from your childhood do not need pushed on your kids. Instead, take a moment and channel those experiences into something positive. You know what to look out for in the best interest of your child, thanks to your experiences. Just take the whole bus riding thing a little easier on the emotions, and everything will be fine.

3. Talk to the bus driver

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