Make Your Baby Multilingual

Early Lingo

Celeb moms like Kourtney Kardashian, Katie Holmes and Rebecca Gayheart are using Early Lingo DVD’s to start teaching their children another language at a young age.

“I love the Early Lingo for my daughter Billie,” actress Gayheart, who uses the Italian series with her 18-month-old.

“The fun adventures with Jojo and Lulu are a great way for her to expand her abilities in learning Italian.”

“My baby son Mason says ‘hug’ now in both Spanish and English,” reveals Kardashian, who owns the Spanish series.

“We like to speak Spanish to him!”

Available in English, French, Italian, Spanish and Chinese, each video series follows the adventures of young characters Jojo and Lulu through activities like Color & Shapes in the Park, Numbers & Counting on the Farm and Opposites at the Beach.

Using the Total Immersion Method through a combination of music, colors, live footage, animation and authentic native speakers, the DVDs are perfect for kids aged 6 months to 9 years.

The price for each DVD set costs $20.

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Pregnancy Swimwear for Summer

Celeb Pregnant Swimwear

With summer officially started many of us are trying to escape the heat and take a dip in the pool or a dive in the ocean. On those scorching days nothing should stop a pregnant women from doing the same.  The last thing you want to worry at the beach is your new found curves and bump.

Here are two swimsuits at different budgets that help you to embrace your bump and rock the pregnant look.


This tankini by Motherhood Maternity is easy on the wallet and the eyes. It is the perfect buy for a woman at any stage during her pregnancy this summer. At $19.99, it is hard to go wrong with this suit.  It also received 4 out of 5 stars by customers.

On review states, “I love this swimsuit! It is comfortable and fits just perfect. I can’t wait to be able to go swimming in it. I absolutely love the waist of the bikini bottoms because they stretch and leave no muffin top!”

This is definitely the perfect swimsuit if you want to have some fun and also look good. It is comfortable, leaves growing room, and is perfect for a hot summer day at the pool.



This tankini is by A Pea in the Pod. It is side ruched to provide expecting mother’s the ability to adapt to the size of their belly. The design is modern and classy and the style is appropriate for any pregnant mother. While sizing runs a bit small, customers gave the overall product 4.5 out of 5 stars.

One customer said, “It is slightly snug to get into, but the suit holds up well when wet, no bagginess, and contained my ever-expanding bust well. Quite flattering for a maternity bathing suit.”

At $79.00, you get your money’s worth on this great catch. You can use this suit all summer and it will withstand all stages of pregnancy.