Holly Madison Shows Off Her Newly 3-Month-Old Daughter

Holly Madison Instagram pic of Rainbow

Holly Madison took to her Instagram account to share a shot of her daughter Rainbow.

In the picture, the three-month-old wears a onsie with a cute Elephant print. Her look is accessorized with an adorable pink hat with an attached flower.

“My little one turned 3 months old yesterday! Best 3 months of my life!” the proud mom captioned the photo.

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Elizabeth Berkley & Sky Visit The Extra Set

Celebs Doing An Interview For EXTRA

Elizabeth Berkley took her baby son Sky along with her while visiting the Extra set at The Grove in Los Angeles, California on Thursday (June 6).

The actress was casually dressed in a blue sweater jacket, jeans and wedge heels while being escorted to the set of the celebrity news show with the baby.

Once there, the mom chatted off screen with the show’s host Mario Lopez while he took a turn holding the 10-month-old.… [read more]

Contest: Best Little Laugh With Fisher-Price


One of the best moments in any new parents life is seeing their baby laugh and smile for the first time. I remember doing everything under the moon to get my daughter Ava to show me her smile and laugh. Now that she is a little older those happy moments don’t mean any less and they still bring a smile to my lips every time.

I remember the day I took this shot perfectly. Ava was six-months-old and in a super giggly mood. Her hair is so long and just days after we took her for her first haircut.

What makes your little bundle of joy smile and laugh? When Ava was young she loved when I made silly faces and sounds. Now she laughs hysterically when I give her an airplane ride. She also loves when dada becomes a tickle monster who chases her around the house.

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Pete Wentz Soaks Up The Sun With Family

Exclusive... Pete Wentz Hangs Out On The Beach With His Family

Pete Wentz spent the day on the beach with his son Bronx and girlfriend Meagan Camper in Miami, Florida on Thursday (June 6).

The Fall Out Boy singer wore black trunks with dark shades as he laughed and played with Bronx in the water. Meagan wore a orange bikini and looked to be having just as much fun with the father-son duo.… [read more]