Holly Madison Takes Rainbow to Her First Gymboree Class

Holly Madison Takes Rainbow to Gymboree Class

 Holly Madison is enjoying every minute of motherhood.

On Monday, the new mom shared a photo collage of her 3-month-old daughter Rainbow attending her first Gymboree class.

“I took Rainbow to her first Gymboree! class on Sunday,” Holly wrote on her blog. “She loved it — especially the Gymbo clown puppet!”

The shots show off Holly and the baby both trying on funky looking pink heart-shaped glasses.… [read more]

Kourtney Kardashian Bonds With Her Little Princess

Kourtney Kardashian Takes Baby Penelope To Lunch

Kourtney Kardashian spent a day out bonding with her daughter Penelope in Los Angeles, Ca on Monday (June 10).

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star carried the 11-month-old baby who looked like a princess wearing a feathered and gem headband. They ate at the trendy Cecconi’s retaurant before doing some mother-daughter shopping.

Later in the day, Kourtney took Penelope to a baby class.… [read more]

Summer Cupcakes With Ava


This weekend I decided to make summer cupcakes with Ava. I am a great everyday cook, but not as experienced with pastry cooking. I have made every kind of meal under the moon in my prized Le Creuset dutch oven, but when it comes to cupcakes the most adventurous I have ever gotten was making a prepackaged muffin mix!

I thought making cupcakes would be a great way to spend the afternoon with my daughter and introduce her to cooking. As a lover of cookware, I splurged on the necessary baking utensils. I also bought some cute flower paper cups, edible butterflies, and flower packaging boxes.

What did I learn? One, cupcakes are MESSY (especially with a toddler) and two not so hard to make when keeping it simple! … [read more]

Stephen Amell & Cassandra Jean Expecting

53rd Monte Carlo TV Festival - Opening Ceremony

Baby on the way!

Stephen Amell and his wife Cassandra Jean are expecting their first child.

“I’m excited — no I’m not excited, I’m very excited!” the Arrow actor said while walking the red carpet of the 53rd Monte Carlo TV Festival on Sunday (June 9). “I’m sure that nervous energy will accompany that eventually, but only in a positive way.”

“[I] haven’t had any cravings, but [Stephen’s] been great,” Cassandra who is a a former America’s Next Top Model contestant tells ET Canada.

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